Local Links:

Dioceses of Winona-Rochester https://www.dowr.org/
St. Mary’s School - https://www.stmarys-owatonna.org/
Christ the King, Medford https://www.parishesonline.com
Sacred Heart Parish https://www.sacredheartowatonna.org
Holy Trinity, Litomysl https://www.litomysl.webs.com
Owatonna Knights of Columbus http://kofcknights.org/CouncilSite/?CNO=945

National Links:

United States Council of Catholic Bishops https://www.usccb.org
The Vatican https://www.news.va/en
New American Bible https://usccb.org/bible

Faith & Culture Links:

The Beginning Catholic Guide to the Roman Catholic Church https://www.beginningcatholic.com
History of Catholicism in the US https://catholichistory.net
Word on Fire https://www.wordonfire.org